Social Investment and Local Development program

The Social Investments and Local Development Project was designed with improved procedures and targeting to reach the poorest communities and implement sustainable priority community infrastructure projects; and to support inter-community cooperation aimed at local social and economic development. The Project will maintain the ASIF demand driven approach and direct community involvement in the definition, identification and implementation of its projects.
Seismic Safety Improvement Program of Republic of Armenia

The Seismic Safety Improvement Program (SSIP) will support the implementation of the National Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction, adopted by the Government of Armenia through (i) improving school seismic safety to reduce casualties and damages in schools during earthquakes, and (ii) enabling better use of school buildings as shelters for the general public and as focal points for emergency response after earthquakes. Total cost of the SSIP is US$107 million, of which US$88.5 million is a loan provided by the Asian Development Bank.
Local Economy and Infrastructure Development Project

In 2016 Armenian Territorial Development Fund will embark on implementation of the Local Economy and Infrastructure Development Project (LEID). The LEID Project primary objective is to improve infrastructure services and institutional capacity for increased tourism contribution to local economy in selected regions of Armenia. The Project activities are expected to benefit the residents, tourists and enterprises in five regions of Armenia, namely Ararat, Kotayk, Lori, Syunik and Vayots Dzor marzes. Residents, tourists and enterprises are expected to receive improved access to, and quality of, public infrastructure, increased volume of private sector investment in the regions and increased number of small and micro enterprises in renovated cultural heritage sites and cities.
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